Major Requirements

Specific course requirements for the major are outlined in a table herein. In addition to the required technical courses specifically indicated, a suggested scheduling of humanities and social science courses (GE) are distributed in the curricula for students to use to meet college general-education requirements. To graduate, students must maintain an overall GPA of at least 2.0, and the department requires at least a C- grade in each course required for the major.  All courses required for the major must be taken for a letter grade, including all lower division math and science courses.

Deviations from the program of study must be approved by the Undergraduate Affairs Committee prior to taking alternative courses. In cases where a student needs to take a course outside UCSD, prior departmental approval is essential. Technical Elective (TE) courses are restricted to meet ABET standards. Courses such as SE 195, SE 197 and SE 198 are not allowed as technical electives in meeting the upper-division major requirements. SE 199 can be used as a technical elective only under restrictive conditions. Policies regarding these conditions may be found in the Undergraduate Handbook available on this website.

Students with different academic preparations may vary the scheduling of lower-division courses such as math, physics and chemistry, but should consult the department prior to doing so. Deviations in scheduling lower-division Structural Engineering courses are discouraged due to scheduling constraints. It is strongly advised that students taking courses outside UCSD seek prior approval from the appropriate departments before doing so. A tentative schedule of course offerings is available from the department each spring quarter for the following academic year.

Please note: The Structural Engineering B.S. program has been declared "capped" for ALL students effective Fall 2015.

Additional information can be found in the "Admissions" section of the Undergraduate portion of this website.

Structural Engineering
(ABET Accredited Program)

All courses required for the major must be taken for a letter grade, including all lower division math and science courses.  

  Fall Quarter Winter Quarter Spring Quarter
Freshman Year Math 20A Math 20B Math 20C
  SE 1 GE SE 3
  Chem 6A Phys 2A Phys 2B/2BL
Sophomore Year Math 20D Math 18 Math 20E
  SE 101A SE 101B SE 9
  Phys 2C/2CL SE 110A SE 110B
  GE GE SE 104/104L
Junior Year SE 101C SE 115 SE 131
  SE 121A SE 121B SE 130B
  SE 130A FS FS
Senior Year SE 125 SE 140A/143A* SE 140B/143B*

GE = General education/college requirement.

FS =  Focus sequence course.  Students must take one full focus sequence (FS) in either Civil Structures, Aerospace Structures, Structural Health Monitoring/Non-Destructive Evaluation (SHM/NDE) or Geotechnical Engineering.  See the link below for additional information on the Focus Sequence requirements.

TE = Technical elective course. Students must take three technical elective (TE) courses chosen from a preapproved list.  See the link below for the preapproved list of TEs.

*Most students take either SE 140A/B or SE 143A/B depending on their chosen FS with the exception of students completing the Structural Health Monitoring/Non-Destructive Evaluation (SHM/NDE) focus sequence.

Preapproved Technical Electives

Focus Sequences


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