Teaching Assistant and Reader Positions

Spring 2017

Applications for TA and Reader positions will be accepted from February 10-February 24.

Interested applicants must complete the online application:

TA: https://academicaffairs.ucsd.edu/Modules/ASES/Apply.aspx?cid=1909

Reader: https://academicaffairs.ucsd.edu/Modules/ASES/Apply.aspx?cid=1912


Job Descriptions:

Teaching Assistant:  A Teaching Assistant (TA) assists in the instruction of an upper- or lower-division course at the University under the supervision of a faculty member.  The TA primarily assists the faculty member in charge of the course by conducting discussion or laboratory sections that supplement faculty and by grading assignments and examinations.

Qualifications:  Currently enrolled as a UCSD full-time (12 units) Structural Engineering graduate student, or enrolled as a full time UCSD graduate student (12 units or more) and hold a B.S. degree in Structural Engineering. Students must also be in good academic standing.


Reader:  Readers assists a course instructor by grading homework, papers, or exams and may also hold office hours to answer students’ questions about such assignments.        

Qualifications:  Currently enrolled as a UCSD full-time student with junior standing in the major; 3.0 grade-point average and must have taken and received at least a “B” grade in the course or equivalent.

Undergraduates must be registered full-time students, in Junior or Senior standing with an overall GPA of 3.0.


Approx. Pay Rate:

Teaching Assistant @ 25%: $1113.95 monthly

Undergraduate Reader: $14.56 per hour

Graduate Reader: $15.32 per hour

Teaching Assistants and Graduate Student Readers working 25% or more will receive a partial fee remission.

All graduate Readers are required to work 110 hours per quarter to receive the a partial fee waiver from the University.  All rates are subject to change.  The fee remission does NOT pay the University Center Fee, the Recreation Facility Fee or the GSA Fee. These fees total approximately $263.59 and are the responsibility of the student to pay. The TA position also pays the health insurance fee. The partial fee waiver does not cover non-resisdent tuition.

Applications are reviewed by the teaching faculty during and after the application period. If you are chosen for a position, you will receive an email that contains your appointment letter. Due to the high volume of applications, we are not able to email those who are not successful in obtaining a position.  We do not recommend contacting the professor of the course because of the high volume of inquiries.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Julie Storing at jstoring@ucsd.edu.