Research Projects

Generic Research Project Image Large-Scale Validation of Seismic Performance of Bridge Columns
Professor José I. Restrepo,
Professor Stephen Mahin, UCB,
Professor Ian Buckle, Univ. of Nevada, Reno

A full-scale, circular reinforced concrete bridge pier designed in accordance to Caltrans' Seismic Design Criteria and Bridge Design Specifications guideline

Generic Research Project Image Remaining Fatigue Life Predictions of Monitored Structural Systems
Professor Joel. P Conte,
Professor John B. Kosmatka

UC San Diego has developed a methodology for predicting and updating the Remaining Fatigue Life (RFL) of monitored aerospace structures and/or structural sub

Generic Research Project Image Stress Wave Mitigation in Porous Materials
Professor Yu Qiao

Stress wave mitigation in porous materials, such as silica monoliths and PTFE foams, are investigated.

Generic Research Project Image Fluid-Structure Interaction Modeling of Wind Turbines at Full Scale
Professor Yuri Bazilevs

A fully coupled fluid–structure interaction (FSI) simulation methodology for wind turbines was developed in order to address a variety of engineering questio

Generic Research Project Image Modeling the Nano-Mechanics of Single-Cell Structures
Professor Robert J. Asaro

The cell wall of S.

Generic Research Project Image Improved Ground Vibration Testing Methods for Flight Structures
Professor John B. Kosmatka

Typical Ground Vibration Tests of flight vehicles are performed by attaching a moderate number (10 to 100) of discrete accelerometers to a free-free flight v

Generic Research Project Image COSMOS: Earthquakes in Action
Professor Lelli Van Den Einde

The California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science (COSMOS) is a four-week, educational summer program for gifted and talented high school studen

Research Project Image Meshfree Method for Impact and Penetration Modeling
Professor J. S. Chen

Professor J. S. Chen and his students are working with the U.S.