Research Projects

Generic Research Project Image Dynamic Characterization of Seismic Isolators and Energy Dissipators
Dr. Gianmario Benzoni

With the use of a unique installation like the Caltrans Seismic Response Modification Device Test Facility, the performance of full scale seismic isolators a

Generic Research Project Image Load Testing on Boeing's 787 Landing Gear Components
Professor Hyonny Kim,
Dr. Gianmario Benzoni

Professor Kim and Dr.

Generic Research Project Image System and Damage Identification of a Seven-story Reinforced Concrete Building Slice Tested on the UCSD-NEES Shake Table
Professor Joel P. Conte

A full-scale, seven-story reinforced concrete building slice was tested on the UCSD-NEES shake table.

Generic Research Project Image Health Monitoring of Post-Tensioned Concrete Bridges
Professor Francesco Lanza di Scalea

Ninety-percent of California's bridges are post-tensioned concrete structures.

Generic Research Project Image Rail Monitoring Systems
Professor Francesco Lanza di Scalea,
Professor Chia-Ming Uang

Railroad infrastructure is in need of technologies able to prevent derailments and perform repairs/replacements in a timely manner.

Generic Research Project Image Advanced Sensor Networking Paradigms and Data Processing for Autonomous Structural Assessment
Professor Michael Todd

Damage assessment of large-scale structures (e.g., bridges, buildings, or dams) after an extreme event such as an earthquake or a blast load is a challenging

Generic Research Project Image Improving Seismic Performance of Concrete and Masonry Structures
Professor P. Benson Shing

Assessing the seismic performance of older reinforced concrete (RC) frames that have masonry infill walls presents a most difficult problem for structural en

Generic Research Project Image Concrete Damage-Transport Properties Correlations
Professor Tara Hutchinson

Concrete is by far the most widely-used building material in the United States, with extensive use in the construction of our nation's buildings, highways, t

Generic Research Project Image San Francisco-Oakland East Bay Bridge Replacement Project: Precast Prestressed Concrete Skyway
Professor Frieder Seible

Dr. Seible led the proof-testing of the new San Francisco-Oakland East Bay Bridge, including the 2.5 km long precast-prestressed concrete skyway.

Generic Research Project Image How to Shake 1 Million Pounds of Concrete
Professor Jose Restrepo

SE researchers spent three months rigorously conducting earthquake simulation tests on a half-scale, three-story structure, and are analyzing the results to

Generic Research Project Image Fluid-Structure Interaction of Wind Turbines
Professor Yuri Bazilevs

The rising costs and highly fluctuating prices of oil and natural gas, as well as their constantly diminishing supplies worldwide create the need for cheaper

Generic Research Project Image Acoustic Pathways Revealed: Simulating Sound Reception in Cuvier’s Beaked Whale
Professor Petr Krysl

In this collaborative research with San Diego State University’s Department of Biology and with Scripps Institution of Oceanography, a finite element vibroac

Generic Research Project Image Bio-inspired Engineering about Fish Fins
Professor Qiang Zhu

The fins of a fish are often strengthened by embedded rays, and therefore possess anisotropic flexibility.

Generic Research Project Image Micromechanical Analysis of Fragmentation using ALE-AMR
Professor David J. Benson

Fragmentation is a fundamental process that naturally spans micro to macroscopic scales.

Generic Research Project Image Testing Biomineralized Composites for Greater Toughness
Professor Robert Asaro

Are biomineralized composites tougher due to their nano-scale size?

Generic Research Project Image Simulating Bomb Blasts
Professor Gilbert Hegemier

The Explosive Loading Laboratory and Testing Program, funded by the Technical Support Working Group (TSWG), is the first program in the world to develop a hy

Generic Research Project Image Lightweight Composite Portable Bridges for Military and Emergency Applications
Professor John Kosmatka

Lightweight Composite Portable Bridges for Military and Emergency Applications - Professor John Kosmatka The need for immediate mobility in the aftermath of

Generic Research Project Image Blast Resistant FRP Composite Designs & Verification
Professor Robert Asaro

Professors Asaro, Hegemier and Kim are working with the Office of Navy Research on concept designs of the new DDX deckhouse-steel connections, related to the