Center For Extreme Events Research

Structural Engineering R.Asaro, Associate Director Y. Bazilevs, Director J.S. Chen, Associate Director G. Hegemier
T. Hutchingson, A. Kim, H. Kim, F. Kuester, K. Loh, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering V. Nesterenko
A.P. Pisano, S. Sarkar, Mathematics R. Banks, L. T. Cheng, M. Holst
Radiology S. Sinha, San Diego Supercomputer Center A. Majumdar, M. Tatineni

Center researchers are world-renowned experts in experimental and computational methods, design optimization, sensor technology and multifunctional materials for extreme events. We leverage this expertise to develop better ways to protect entire built infrastructures, as well as bio-systems, from extreme events such as blasts from terrorist attacks and mining explosions, car crashes, sports collisions, and natural disasters such as landslides. Challenges we address are: protecting the nation’s built infrastructure, performing extreme event mitigation and recovery, and protecting bio-system injuries from extreme loading.