Course Offerings

Proposed Undergraduate Course Offerings for 2019-2020

Course offerings and instructors are subject to change. 
Course descriptions and requirements are available in the course catalog.

COURSE Fall 2019 Winter 2020 Spring 2020
Core Required Courses
SE 1 Intro. to Structures and Design Van Den Einde    
SE 3 Graphical Communication for Engr. Design     Van Den Einde
SE 9 Algorithms and Programming for Struct. Engr.     Kuester
SE 101A Mechanics I: Statics Mayank Chadha (Sec A00);  Rodrigo Carreño (Sec C00) Morrison  
SE 101B Mechanics II: Dynamics   Eliasson (Sec 1); Eliasson (Sec 2) Marko Lubardo
SE 101C Mechanics III: Vibrations Zhu (Sec A00);           Zhu (Sec C00)    
SE 104 Structural Materials     See SE 105
SE 104L Structural Materials Lab.     Qiao
SE 105 Structural Materials     Qiao
SE 110A Solid Mechanics I   Lanza (Sec 1);    Marko Lubardo  (Sec 2);  
SE 110B Solid Mechanics II     Chen (Sec 1);      Staff (Sec 2);      
SE 115 Fluid Mechanics for Structural Engineering   Zhu  
SE 121A (Change to SE 102 FA20) Introduction to Computing for Engineers Semnani    
SE 121B Computing Projects in Structural Engr.   Changed to SE 131B, to be offered in SP20  
SE 125 Statistics, Probability, and Reliability Conte    
SE 130A Structural Analysis I Mosqueda  Rodrigo Carreño  
SE 130B Structural Analysis II     Annamaria Pau (Sec 1); Annamaria Pau (Sec 2)
SE 131 Finite Element Analysis     Changed to SE 131A, to be offered in WI20
SE 131A Finite Element Analysis   Krysl  
SE 131B Finite Element Analysis     Krysl
Civil Structures Focus Sequence
SE 103 Conceptual Structural Design   Van den Einde  
SE 150 Design of Steel Structures     Uang
SE 151A Design of Reinforced Concrete    Shing  
SE 181 Geotechnical Engineering McCartney    
Civil Structures/Geotech. Capstone
SE 140A Prof. Issues and Design for Civil Struct. I   Uang  
SE 140B Prof. Issues and Design for Civil Struct. II     Restrepo
Aerospace Focus Sequence
SE 142 Design of Composite Structures Kosmatka    
SE 160A/260A Aerospace Structural Mechanics I   Kosmatka  
SE 160B/260B Aerospace Structural Mechanics II     A. Kim
SE 171/262 Aerospace Structures Renewal   H. Kim  
Aerospace Structures Capstone
SE 143A Aerospace Structural Design I   Kosmatka/H. Kim  
SE 143B Aerospace Structural Design II     H. Kim/Kosmatka
Geotechnical Focus Sequence
*Note: Since SE 151A has SE 103 as a prereq and SE 140A has SE 150 as a prereq students should plan to take SE 103 and SE 150 as TE classes their junior year.
SE 151A Design of Reinforced Concrete    Shing  
SE 181 Geotechnical Engineering McCartney    
SE 182/242 Foundation Engineering   Tomac  
SE 184/247 Ground Improvement     Hutchinson
SHM/NDE Focus Sequence
*Note: SE 165 is the capstone class for this sequence and students are required to take an additional TE.
SE 163/263 Nondestructive Evaluation     Lanza
SE 164/264 Sensors/Data Acquisition for SE Loh    
SE 165/265 Structural Health Monitoring     Farrar
SE 167/267 Signal Processing   20-21  
SE 168/268 Structural System Testing and Model Correlation     Todd
Technical Electives
SE 151B Design of Prestressed Concrete     Sami Megally
SE 154 Timber Design     Summer 2020
SE 180 Earthquake Engineering Elgamal