Advisor Information

Undergraduate Advisor

Jennifer Eller, 858-822-2273, Structural and Materials Engineering Building (SME) 340D 

Email: (Please ONLY send emails regarding OSD accommodations, to send an attachment, or to contact Jennifer on behalf of a student organization.  All other academic advising is required to be via the VAC. )

Online Advising

Students can submit questions to the structural engineering undergraduate advisor online via Virtual Advising Center (VAC)

In-Person Advising

Current and prospective students may visit the undergraduate academic advisor during walk-in hours or by appointment.  The Undergraduate Advisor is located in the Structural and Materials Engineering Building (SME) on the third floor in 340D.

Walk-in hours:

    Monday & Tuesday: 1:30 - 3:00 pm

    Thursday & Friday: 9:00 - 11:30 am

Walk-In Advising Policies:

- Hours are subject to change. Please refer to the live calendar (below) to confirm advising is open.

- The last sign-in for morning advising is at 11:30am; the last sign-in for an afternoon session is at 3:00pm.

- Walk-in sessions are on a first come, first served basis.

- Sign in using the computer in the front lobby and wait for an advisor to call you.

Appointment hours:

    Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday: 9:00 - 11:30 am

    Thursday & Friday: 1:30 - 3:00 pm

Appointment policies:

Appointments must be requested at least TWO business days in advance.

- We do not schedule same-day appointments.

- The last appointment of the morning is 11-11:30 am, and afternoon is 2:30-3:00 pm.

- Besides a confirmation email, no reminder emails will be sent.

- If you are more than 10 minutes late, you will need to submit a new request to reschedule your appointment.

- If you need to reschedule/cancel your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible by sending us a message via the VAC.

- We may need to reschedule your appointment in the event of an emergency. Always check your UCSD email before heading to your advising appointment.

How to schedule an appointment:

- Check the advising calendar (below) for availability.

- Submit your appointment request using this google form.

- Await confirmation.


Advising Hours _ FA16.png

  • UNDERGRADUATE Advisor's unavailable appointments slots: Orange
  • GRADUATE Advisor's unavailable appointments slots: Pink


Faculty Advisors:

Adame, H. J. Hutchinson 444K
Adams, C. H. Asaro 442K
Adams, J. D.  Morrison  
Aderounmu, A Chen 441H
Aghkyan Tomac 445D
Aguirre Loh 445G
Ajanel Mosqueda 443G
Ali, A Asaro 442K
Ali, S Kosmatka 441G
Almazar, G. F. Loh 445G
Almejel Kim, H. 441J
Alsaad, M. Mosqueda 443G
Alva Tomac 445D
Alvarez Chavez, N. Mosqueda 443G
Alvarez, J. Chen 441H
Alvarez, M. Eliasson 445H
Alvarez, N.S. Conte 443K
Amador Kim, H. 441J
Amancio Conte 443K
Amora, A. Shing 443J
Anders Tomac 445D
Andrade Elgamal 443H
Antonio-Valdez, J. M. Hutchinson 444K
Arambulo, I. Shing 443J
Archila, R. Elgamal 443H
Armas Torres, M. Uang 444J
Armstrong Eliasson 445H
Asgharpour, N. Conte 443K
Atif Hutchinson 444K
Avdar Kosmatka 441G
Azarbad, R. Kosmatka 441G
Babayan, D. Qiao 442G
Baddour Tomac 445D
Belani, S. Kuester 342D
Bhakta, T. Van Den Einde 440E
Blau, J. Asaro 442K
Borbonio, L. Asaro 442K
Botani Kim, A. 444G
Boyce Tomac 445D
Boz, L. F. Semnani 343K
Brenton, A. A. Asaro 442K
Brooks Theisen, C. S. Loh 445G
Buenaventura Tomac 445D
Bundoc, G. Morrison  
Burt, S. A. C. Elgamal 443H
Byrnes Krysl 445F
Cabral Zhu 342E
Cai, Y. Loh 445G
Callagher, K. A. Elgamal 443H
Campos, A. M. Semnani 343K
Campos, J. C. Chen 441H
Capone, A. Shing 443J
Caram, C. K. A. Conte 443K
Carrillo, L. Lanza di Scalea 442H
Carrillo, R. R. Asaro 442K
Carvalho Eliasson 445H
Cash, C. Morrison  
Cha Kuester 342D
Chan, C. J. Zhu 342E
Chan, J. Y.  Mosqueda 443G
Chan, M. S. Krysl 445F
Chang, E. S. Asaro 442K
Chaplin, S. J. Kuester 342D
Chau, J. Kim, A. 444G
Chavez, M. Tomac 445D
Chavez, M. A. Todd 445E
Chavez, N. A. Semnani 343K
Chemais Kuester 342D
Chen, H.K. Kim, A. 444G
Cheng, K.W. Elgamal 443H
Chhuon, P. Qiao 442G
Cho, R. Van Den Einde 440E
Choi, H Kosmatka 441G
Choi, N. G. Eliasson 445H
Chu, R. Shing 443J
Chung, H. Loh 445G
Chuong, K. X. Tomac 445D
Collazo-Jhonson Loh 445G
Collin, D. Eliasson 445H
Corpuz, V. R. Elgamal 443H
Couturier, A. Semnani 343K
Cruz, I. Shing 443J
Cushman Mosqueda 443G
Dalton, J. Eliasson 445H
Dang, B. Uang 444J
Davalos, B. Shing 443J
De La Cruz, A. C. Van Den Einde 440E
De La Pena, S. Todd 445E
Debora Qiao 442G
Dela Cueva Tomac 445D
Deli Todd 445E
Diaz, J. C. Semnani 343K
Diaz, N. A. Morrison  
Dickson, J. A. Kosmatka 441G
Dickson, J. C. Uang 444J
Diego Tomac 445D
Diep, R. Shing 443J
Dreese Uang 444J
Du, J. Lanza di Scalea 442H
Duong, J. V. Van Den Einde 440E
Edjan Zhu 342E
Eng, C. Shing 443J
Enriquez, J. A. P. Morrison  
Erler, K. Shing 443J
Escobar, D. Chen 441H
Espinoza, I. P Elgamal 443H
Espitia Asaro 442K
Faris Tomac 445D
Fermanian, J. G. Kim, A. 444G
Fernandez, I. J. Hutchinson 444K
Fetros, C. Conte 443K
Flores, S. J. Lanza di Scalea 442H
Furlan, R. Kim, A. 444G
Galaviz, C. Zhu 342E
Gamboa, R. T. Elgamal 443H
Gamboa, T. M. Tomac 445D
Garcia Estrada Elgamal 443H
Garcia Raudales, K. Mosqueda 443G
Garcia, D. Elgamal 443H
Garcia, N. Eliasson 445H
Garza, A. M. Semnani 343K
Gautier, A. M. Morrison  
Gibson Kim, A. 444G
Gillette Hutchinson 444K
Godinez Kosmatka 441G
Godoy-Velasquez Krysl 445F
Gomez, H. Conte 443K
Gonzalez, A.  J.  Kim, H. 441J
Gonzalez, A. N. Krysl 445F
Gonzalez, A. R. Tomac 445D
Gonzalez, M. Van Den Einde 440E
Gracia, D. Todd 445E
Graeber McCartney 442J
Granados, J. Eliasson 445H
Greenaway Mosqueda 443G
Grindley, J. Tomac 445D
Grygar, M. Kuester 342D
Guan, H. Krysl 445F
Guerrero, D. Kosmatka 441G
Guo, Y. Asaro 442K
Gutierrez, G. Mosqueda 443G
Guzman Qiao 442G
Ha, K. Hutchinson 444K
Haight, E. M. Krysl 445F
Halladay Restrepo 444H
Hamblin, R. Chen 441H
Hamrang Eliasson 445H
Haque, L. Uang 444J
Hashi Uang 444J
Hayet, D. Shing 443J
He Todd 445E
Helmuth, H. V. Kim, A. 444G
Hemmatyar Uang 444J
Hendrawan, A. P. McCartney 442J
Hernandez, R. Van Den Einde 440E
Hernandez, T. Eliasson 445H
Hoang, H.H. Loh 445G
Holmer McCartney 442J
Hooper, J. L. Morrison  
Htet Lanza di Scalea 442H
Hu, Z. Qiao 442G
Huang, C. W. Asaro 442K
Huang, E.  Loh 445G
Huang, P. Chen 441H
Hui, H. K. Conte 443K
Huynh S. A.  Restrepo 444H
Huynh, T.  Asaro 442K
Ibarra, A. J. Semnani 343K
Iyer Kim, H. 441J
Jackson, R. C. Semnani 343K
Jansen, E. Mosqueda 443G
Johnson, M. B. Todd 445E
Joo, A. Krysl 445F
Jue Conte 443K
Kadiyala Loh 445G
Kang, H. C. Van Den Einde 440E
Kang, N. Q. Kosmatka 441G
Kasegne McCartney 442J
Kha, K. Conte 443K
Khoylow, C. Lanza di Scalea 442H
Kiland Restrepo 444H
Kim, B. Lanza di Scalea 442H
Kim, C. B. Kuester 342D
Kim, H. Van Den Einde 440E
Kim, S.P. McCartney 442J
Kitzmann Todd 445E
Koharchik, K. Eliasson 445H
Kokikian Todd 445E
Kolbe Tomac 445D
Kong Van Den Einde 440E
Kool, M. J. Semnani 343K
Kurakin, I. Shing 443J
Kuran Elgamal 443H
Kwong, A. Kim, H. 441J
Lam, B. Todd 445E
Lang, N. Hutchinson 444K
Langley, K. Shing 443J
Lara, K. Kosmatka 441G
Lau, R. Mosqueda 443G
Lawler, J. L. Morrison  
Le, R. P. McCartney 442J
Lee, A. Kim, A. 444G
Lee, B. McCartney 442J
Lee, D. Zhu 342E
Lee, E. Uang 444J
Lee, M. C. Qiao 442G
Lee, S. Asaro 442K
Leung, C.C. Lanza di Scalea 442H
Leung, G. Eliasson 445H
Li, J. Restrepo 444H
Li, K. Krysl 445F
Liang, I.  Mosqueda 443G
Liao, T. Qiao 442G
Lim, M. Conte 443K
Lin, A. Kim, H. 441J
Lin, S. Loh 445G
Lin, Z. Kosmatka 441G
Liu, J. Krysl 445F
Liu, L. Lanza di Scalea 442H
Locke, Jordan H Asaro 442K
Lopez, D. Zhu 342E
Lopez, J. Kosmatka 441G
Lopez, S. Hutchinson 444K
Lovi Loh 445G
Loya, D. Chen 441H
Lu, K. Tomac 445D
Lucero McCartney 442J
Ludwick Mosqueda 443G
Lujan Uang 444J
Luna, S. Uang 444J
Ma Qiao 442G
MacAulay Zhu 342E
Machado Restrepo 444H
Maldonado Naranjo, D. Krysl 445F
Malinis, S. E. Semnani 343K
Mandawe, T. R. Morrison  
Markowski, J. S. Asaro 442K
Martines, J. Shing 443J
Martinez, L. Morrison  
Martinez, S. Kuester 342D
Martinez, S. A. Kuester 342D
Masudathaya, H. H. Conte 443K
Mateus Sanchez Tomac 445D
Maturingan Zhu 342E
Mehta, A. Shing 443J
Mendoza, N. Krysl 445F
Merene Uang 444J
Miron, C. S. Semnani 343K
Moctezuma, M. Hutchinson 444K
Mohamed, S. Kuester 342D
Montes-Steiner, O. Kim, A. 444G
Montoya, G. Elgamal 443H
Morales, F. Shing 443J
Moreno, K. M. Uang 444J
Moreno, M. M. Conte 443K
Musa, M. S. Loh 445G
Najjar, L. Kim, H. 441J
Naraghi, C. Restrepo 444H
Nelson D. Kim, A. 444G
Nevarez Restrepo 444H
Newland, A. Lanza di Scalea 442H
Ngo, M. Zhu 342E
Nguyen, A. T. Elgamal 443H
Nguyen, H.Q. Asaro 442K
Nguyen, K. T. Zhu 342E
Nguyen, K-C. T. Kim, H. 441J
Nichols Krysl 445F
No Todd 445E
Nomani, Samir Conte 443K
Ober Kim, H. 441J
Oh, H. S. Qiao 442G
Olivas Perez, J. B. Morrison  
Ordonez, R. Loh 445G
Ortega, O. J. Qiao 442G
Osorio Mosqueda 443G
Pacheco Osorio, E. Kosmatka 441G
Pae, E. E. Asaro 442K
Palomares, A. Qiao 442G
Pangilinan, J. T. Semnani 343K
Panian, J. Todd 445E
Park, G. Van Den Einde 440E
Pascua, J. L. Todd 445E
Paulbitski, T. Chen 441H
Paxton, A. K. Shing 443J
Peraza, S. Shing 443J
Perera, H. H. Loh 445G
Perez Castaneda Kuester 342D
Perez, A. Lanza di Scalea 442H
Perez, B. D. Chen 441H
Perng Conte 443K
Peterson, R.R. Restrepo 444H
Pfeifer, M. C. Hutchinson 444K
Pham, N. Uang 444J
Phan, K. V. Chen 441H
Phillips, J. Shing 443J
Pho, T. Tomac 445D
Pinon Lanza di Scalea 442H
Ponce, C. Krysl 445F
Ponce, E. Kim, A. 444G
Poon, K. H. Elgamal 443H
Popoca, Y. Morrison  
Puffelis Lanza di Scalea 442H
Puyat Chen 441H
Qasawa Kim, H. 441J
Quaranta, A. M. Krysl 445F
Quinn, J. Zhu 342E
Ramirez Zarate Chen 441H
Ramirez, S. Elgamal 443H
Ramos, E. D. Asaro 442K
Ramos, J. P. Van Den Einde 440E
Rebollar, F. Conte 443K
Reeves, H. A. Kuester 342D
Rintoul, M. Shing 443J
Rips, J. I. Kim, H. 441J
Rivera, Carlos Kosmatka 441G
Rodas, J. Kim, H. 441J
Rodriguez Montes, I. Hutchinson 444K
Rodriguez, I. Qiao 442G
Rogers, G. H. Semnani 343K
Romasko Loh 445G
Roobol, A. Restrepo 444H
Ruiz Herrejon Mosqueda 443G
Saedi, N. Kosmatka 441G
Sakonpiriyanon, T. Qiao 442G
Salazar, M. M. McCartney 442J
Salem, A. Restrepo 444H
Salvador, M. A. Lanza di Scalea 442H
Sanchez, J. Restrepo 444H
Sanchez, N. Kuester 342D
Sandoval-Valencia, R. Morrison  
Santacruz, J. M. Qiao 442G
Santiago Rodriguez, R. Morrison  
Saoud, K. N. Todd 445E
Saoud, W. N. Mosqueda 443G
Sarrosa Van Den Einde 440E
Schade, J. Hutchinson 444K
Schwieterman Uang 444J
Sedaghat Loh 445G
Serrano Uang 444J
Setty, D. J. Chen 441H
Sexton Kim, A. 444G
Shafieishams, P. Kuester 342D
Shihabuddin Kim, A. 444G
Shimizu, R. Todd 445E
Shultz, M. T. Semnani 343K
Skinner Zhu 342E
Skladanek, A. J. Uang 444J
So Kim, H. 441J
Song Lanza di Scalea 442H
Sonza Elgamal 443H
Stevens, J. Van Den Einde 440E
Suazo Kuester 342D
Sun T. Krysl 445F
Sylvester, M. Van Den Einde 440E
Tabatabaie Irani, S. Restrepo 444H
Tahmas, H. A. McCartney 442J
Tan, A. Kuester 342D
Tang, R. Shing 443J
Taves, C. H. Chen 441H
Taylor, C. V. Morrison  
Taylor, G. J. Todd 445E
Telfer, H. A. Semnani 343K
Teng, N. Chen 441H
Terrazas, A. Todd 445E
Thomas, L. Kuester 342D
Tito, L. L. Asaro 442K
Tobar, K. Zhu 342E
Tomas Carpio, A. Semnani 343K
Tran, A. Eliasson 445H
Tran, H. P. Chen 441H
Tran, J. Shing 443J
Tran, T. Shing 443J
Truqui, M. Krysl 445F
Tsang Conte 443K
Tu, M. N. Morrison  
Tu, R. Uang 444J
Tuama, L. H. Morrison  
Valenzuela, R. Kim, H. 441J
Varela, L. Lanza di Scalea 442H
Vaughn, S.  Chen 441H
Velazquez, L. F. McCartney 442J
Verano, A. Mosqueda 443G
Verdin, F. Qiao 442G
Verdin, F. L Chen 441H
Verdugo, A. Kim, H. 441J
Villa Ordonez, J. D. D. Kim, A. 444G
Villanueva, J. M. L. Restrepo 444H
Villarosa, R. A. Semnani 343K
Vivas, A. Semnani 343K
Vizcarra, M. A. Tomac 445D
Wan, S. Lanza di Scalea 442H
Wang, H. Zhu 342E
Wang, I. Conte 443K
Watson, J. Hutchinson 444K
Wei, G. Shing 443J
Welliver, C. Eliasson 445H
Wen, Y. Tomac 445D
Wiley, T. Mosqueda 443G
Wong, A. Uang 444J
Wong, B. M. Krysl 445F
Wong, B. S. Uang 444J
Wong, E. Eliasson 445H
Wong, J. E. Loh 445G
Wong, R. Zhu 342E
Worley, B. Shing 443J
Wu, K. Chen 441H
Xiao, A. M. Qiao 442G
Yang, S. Hutchinson 444K
Yang, Y. Todd 445E
Yescas, J. Krysl 445F
Ying Uang 444J
Yip Todd 445E
Yow Van Den Einde 440E
Yturralde, K. D. Todd 445E
Zaarour, D. Loh 445G
Zaarour, S. Restrepo 444H
Zanteson, J. Kim, A. 444G
Zapata, J. Shing 443J
Zepeda, L. Qiao 442G
Zepeda, L. K. Hutchinson 444K
Zhai, R. Hutchinson 444K
Zhang, H. Todd 445E
Zhao, J. Shing 443J
Zhao, T. Hutchinson 444K
Zhou, A. Kim, H. 441J
Zhou, A. J. Kosmatka 441G
Zhou, J. Lanza di Scalea 442H
Zima Kim, A. 444G