Three-Year Academic Plan for Transfers

Three-Year (Transfer) Course Schedule for Structural Engineering Degree Program

Sample Only – may need additional courses depending on your transfer courses

All courses required for the major must be taken for a letter grade.

Transfer students should also review the Structural Engineering Undergraduate Handbook page 19 for additional important information.


Fall                                                      Winter                                      Spring

First Year

Math 20E                                           SE 101B                                    SE 3

SE 101A                                             SE 110A                                    SE 9

SE 1                                                    GE                                              SE 110B

                                                                                                               SE 104/104L

Second Year

SE 101C                                              SE 115                                     SE 130B

SE 121A                                              SE 121B                                  SE 131

SE 130A                                              FS                                             FS


Third Year

SE 125                                                SE 140A/143A*                     SE 140B/143B*

FS                                                        FS                                            TE

TE                                                        TE                                            GE


GE is a general education/college requirement.

TE is a technical elective course.

FS is a focus sequence course.

*Students choose either SE 140A/B or SE 143A/B depending on their FS.


Focus Sequences/Capstone Sequence


Students enrolled in the Structural Engineering degree program should note that four course slots must be filled by focus sequence (FS) courses.  The department currently offers four focus sequences, as listed below, and students must complete one of the focus sequences of their choice.  Students should also note that depending on which focus sequence they choose will determine which capstone sequence they will take (either SE 140A & SE 140B or SE 143A & SE 143B).  It is possible that not all focus sequence courses will be offered every year.  Students should consult the department Undergraduate Affairs Office in the spring quarter of the year before they begin taking focus sequence classes to ensure that the appropriate courses will be offered. 


Civil Structures (CS)

  • SE 103 Conceptual Structural Design
  • SE 150 Design of Steel Structures
  • SE 151A Design of Reinforced Concrete
  • SE 181 Geotechnical Engineering

SE 140A & SE 140B

(Professional Issues and Design for Civil Structures I & II)

Aerospace Structures (AS)

  • SE 160A Aerospace Structural Mechanics I
  • SE 160B Aerospace Structural Mechanics II
  • SE 142 Design of Composite Structures
  • SE 171 Aerospace Structures Renewal

SE 143A & SE 143B

(Aerospace Structural Design I & II)

Geotechnical Engineering (GE)

  • SE 151A Design of Reinforced Concrete
  • SE 181 Geotechnical Engineering
  • SE 182 Foundation Engineering
  • SE 184 Ground Improvement

SE 140A & SE 140B

(Professional Issues and Design for Civil Structures I & II)

Structural Health Monitoring/Non-destructive Evaluation (SHM/NDE)

  • SE 163 Non-destructive Evaluation
  • SE 164 Sensors and Data Acquisition for Structural Engineering
  • SE 167 Signal Processing & Spectral Analysis for Structural Engineering
  • SE 168 Structural System Testing/Model Correlation

SE 165 Structural Health Monitoring & additional TE

Preapproved Technical Electives