Sample Non-SE Focus Areas for Ph.D. Students

Seismology (take any 3)
SIO 225 Physics of Earth Materials
SIO 227A Introduction to Seismology
SIO 227C Advanced Seismology II
SIO 232 Environmental Geophysics
MAE 233A Fracture Mechanics
MAE 233B Micromechanics
MAE 233C Advanced Mechanics of Composite Materials
MAE 280A Linear Systems Theory (or ECE 275A Parameter Estimation I)
MAE 280B Linear Control Design (or ECE 275B Parameter Estimation II)
MAE 284 Robust and Multi-Variable Control
Computer-Aided Design
MAE 291 Design and Mechanics in Computer Technology
MAE 292 Computer-Aided Design and Analysis
MAE 293 Advanced Computer Graphics for Engineers and Scientists
Signal Processing (take any 3)
ECE 161A/SIO 207A Introduction to Digital Signal Processing
ECE 251AN/SIO 207B Digital Signal Processing I
ECE 251BN/SIO 207C Digital Signal Processing II
ECE 251CN Filter Banks and Wavelets
ECE 251DN Array Processing
ECE 254 Detection Theory
MAE 290A Numerical Methods in Science and Engineering
MAE 290B Numerical Methods for Differential Equations
(Choose a third from MAE 232A, MAE 294A, or consent of advisor)
MAE 294A Methods in Applied Mechanics I
MAE 294B Methods in Applied Mechanics II
MAE 294C Methods in Applied Mechanics III
Material Science (take any 3)
MATS 211A Mechanical Properties
MATS 211B Advanced Mechanical Behavior
MATS 218 Fatigue, Fracture, & Failure Analysis in Engineering Materials
MATS 233 Processing and Synthesis of Advanced Materials
MATS 290 Topics in Materials Science