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Sudha and Kosal Krishnan PhD ’93 Endowed Scholarship in Structural Engineering

This Alumni Leadership Scholarship is awarded to full-time juniors or seniors in the upcoming academic year, who are Structural Engineering majors, with a 3.0+ cum GPA, have college-level academic, campus or community service/leadership, and demonstrated financial need.  The award is up to $2,000 per year, for up to two years. Include one or more Extracurricular and/or Volunteer Service activity.  In the Essay provide information about your interest in your major and your community involvement.


Structural Engineering major, junior or senior standing in the upcoming academic year, have a minimum 3.0+ GPA; service/leadership (college-level academic, campus or community involvement), and demonstrated financial need.


In the Extracurricular and/or Volunteer Service sections you must include one or more activities.
Under Essay Part II provide information about your interest in your major and your community involvement.


up to $2,000



The Krishnan Endowed Scholarship is under the Alumni Leadership Scholarship (ALS) Program, which allows ALS to disperse one $2,000 award to supplement the Krishnan Scholarship until it reaches its minimum principal value.  More information can be found on this website: https://ucsd.academicworks.com/opportunities/2908

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