Structural Dynamics Laboratory

The Structural Dynamics Laboratory is a world-class test/analysis facility for characterizing the vibration and/or structural dynamic behavior of complex structures. The centerpiece of the laboratory is a Polytec Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometer. This instrument, which is noncontacting and not affected by environmental conditions, can measure an extremely broad velocity range (0.1 mm/sec to 10 m/sec) of up to 256,000 (512 x 512 grid) points over a broad field of view (+/- 20o cone) and dynamic range (0-250 KHz) for specimens located from 20 cm to 75 meter away. Other measurement devices include accelerometers, acoustic microphones, and force transducers. Structural excitations include acoustic speakers, impact hammers, and electro-mechanical shakers ranging (4 to 30 lbs). Data acquisition is controlled by either a 2- or 16-channel HP system (MIMO testing). Data analysis (modal parameter estimations: frequencies, modes, damping) and model correlation is performed using either LMS CADA-X or SDRC IDEAS. A broad range of structures have been tested in all disciplines of structural engineering, including; aerospace (wing-box, satellite reflectors/antenna, fan and propeller blades, missile components, helicopter fuselage), sports (tennis rackets, golf, bicycle frames, America's cup sailboat, CART race car components), and civil (metallic and composite military and civilian bridges).