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Excellent Achievement - SE Student Axel Yarahuaman-Chamorro and his advisor Professor John McCartney Won The "Best Poster" Award At The JSOE Research Expo 2022!

Congratulations Axel Yarahuaman-Chamorro for winning the "Best Poster" award at the JSOE Research Expo 2022!

For the 40th anniversary of Research Expo, the sun showed up for everyone, as more than 100 students set up their posters in the engineering courtyard, around the giant bear statue made out of rocks that is part of the Stuart Collection here on campus. The Expo was held outside for the first time in the event’s history and the weather obligingly cooperated, as Jacobs School Dean Albert P. Pisano pointed out. Research Expo helps students acquire key skills, Dean Pisano added. 

This year, in addition to a $750 cash prize, all department winners received a $1000 gift certificate to UC San Diego Extension classes. Also new this year, participants could vote for a “people’s choice” winning poster.


CONGRATULATIONS, Axel and Prof. McCartney!!!

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