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Enabling the Mass Timber Revolution: Resilience, Sustainability, and Technology

John W. van de Lindt
Seminar Speaker
John W. van de Lindt
Seminar Date
Wednesday, Nov 9, 2022 - 12:00 pm
Seminar Location - Room
Warren Lecture Hall 2204
Speaker Bio

Dr. John W. van de Lindt is the Harold H. Short Endowed Chair Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Colorado State University. Over the last two decades van de Lindt’s research program has focused on performance-based engineering and test bed applications of building and other systems for earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes and floods.  He led the world’s largest shake table test program in Miki Japan in 2009 – the NEESWood project, as well as NEES-Soft here at UCSD in 2013; currently he serves as a co-PI on the NHERI Tallwood project.  Professor van de Lindt is the Co-director for the National Institute of Standards and Technology-funded Center of Excellence (COE) for Risk-Based Community Resilience Planning headquartered at Colorado State University entering its eighth year.  He has published more than 450 technical articles and reports including more than 230 journal papers focusing on natural hazards loading and mitigation. He currently serves as Chair of the American Society of Civil Engineers Infrastructure Resilience Division, Chair of ASCE’s Structural Engineering Institute Technical Administrative Division Executive Committee, and as the Editor-in-Chief for the ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering.

As we move through the decades since three seminal earthquakes between 1989 and 1995 occurred there has been a mega-shift toward resilience and sustainability, and the shared-use facilities within NEES and NHERI have been truly integral to this still-accelerating story; included here will be the evolution of the wood building as an illustrative example.  This talk will take you back 25 years beginning in the 1990’s with woodframe research and on to performance-based seismic design of taller wood buildings.  Enter mass timber, a sustainable revolutionary technology capable of bringing wood buildings to truly new heights with Centers around the U.S. formed to focus on tall wood buildings and the world’s tallest shake table test underway; an unfinished story. 

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