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Numerical Simulations of Soil Structure Interaction (SSI)

Seminar Speaker
Professor Davide Forcellini, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Seminar Date
Monday, Oct 12, 2020 - 12:00 pm
Speaker Bio

Dr. Forcellini completed his master’s degree from the University of Bologna in Civil and Environmental Engineering in 2006. His master’s thesis, titled, “Studi di Interazione Terreno–Struttura (Study of Soil Structure Interaction)” was collaboratively developed at the University of California, San Diego in collaboration with Prof. Ahmed Elgamal and Dr. Jinchi Lu. He collaborated with Prof. James M. Kelly at UC Berkeley on base isolation technique. He also worked on seismic protection of historical structures with collaborations with UC San Diego, Università di Firenze and Universidad Andina del Cusco. He is (solo) author of several contributions on international PEER-reviewed journals.He worked as a bridge engineer between 2007 and 2009. He completed his Ph.D., “A structural optimized performance-based earthquake engineering (PBEE) methodology and risk-management decision making” at the University of San Marino. He is doing research at University of Auckland, New Zealand, teaching Structural Dynamics at Università di San Marino and SSI at Universidad del Azuay, Ecuador.

Since the late 1970s numerical simulation methods have been developed in order to consider soil-structure-interaction (SSI) problems. In the beginning, such approaches performed linear analyses that are generally appropriate to describe low amplitude ground motions. In order to assess realistic non-linear responses of soil-foundation-structure systems under earthquakes, it is fundamental to apply SSI-based approaches by performing the state-of-the-art numerical methodologies that are the object of this webinar.

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