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Structural Electronics: The Coming Convergence of Electronics and Structures

Seminar Speaker
Jeff Bergman, NextFlex
Seminar Date
Monday, Nov 9, 2020 - 12:00 pm
Speaker Bio

Mr. Bergman is the Engineering Manager of the Systems Design and Simulation team working as part of the Advanced Technologies group at NextFlex.  He also serves as NextFlex’s in house expert on Asset and Structural Health Monitoring Technologies.  He has more than a decade of experience in the research and development of asset monitoring technologies.  After completing his bachelor’s degree, he spent 4 years as a research assistant developing wireless monitoring technologies for civil infrastructure working with a large range of sensing and wireless technologies.  After completing his master’s degree in electrical engineering, he went on to hold several positions at Acellent Technologies where he managed commercial and government projects developing cutting-edge technology for structural health and asset monitoring applications including working as PI on projects funded by AFRL, NAVAIR, and NASA. Most recently he was Director of Hardware where he developed the first product to be field deployed on mining equipment. His technology experience includes work with sensors and wireless technologies, for monitoring of physical assets across a wide array of fields including fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, mining equipment, bridges, and automobiles.

The field of electronics manufacturing is undergoing a significant shift that promises to change not only how we make electronics but also how we interact with the world around it.  Rapid advances in microelectronics, material science, and manufacturing techniques have enabled a new world of advanced additively manufactured electronics that are lightweight, flexible, and low cost.  By enabling novel electronics forms, and implementations flexible and additive electronics will change how we interact with the world around us by allowing for the easy and unobtrusive deployment of sensors to keep us safe, monitor our structures and in the future blur the line between structures and electronics.

Founded in 2015 as a public private partnership NextFlex with its industry, academic, and DoD partners is at the cutting edge of structural electronics.  In this presentation you will get an overview of some of the emerging additive printing electronics technologies that promise to change how we think of electronics and examples of projects that demonstrate the intersection between advanced electronics manufacturing and structures. From wearable monitors, to lightweight sensors to structural antennas the future of electronics for civil engineering applications is happening today.

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