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Structural Engineering in Golf Club Design

Seminar Speaker
Brandon Woolley, TaylorMade Golf
Seminar Date
Wednesday, Oct 28, 2020 - 12:00 pm
Speaker Bio

Brandon Woolley has been part of the Research Team inside of TaylorMade Golf R&D since 2003.  In that time he has worked to support metalwood, iron, wedge, putter, ball and soft goods development.  He graduated with an MS in mechanical engineering from BYU.  He and his wife and their six children live in north San Diego County.

Structural engineering can be found all around us.  In this presentation, I’ll talk about how we use engineering to create the best performance golf products in the world.  I’ll cover some of the engineering challenges unique to golf equipment design and a little about how TaylorMade Golf overcomes them. 

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